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Warmest Regards, Alyssa

I’ve had many massages, but none compared to Alyssas. It felt as though she knew exactly what my body needed in what areas and she delivered just that. After my massage, i left feeling completely satisfied. I can definitely say I have found my favorite massage therapist!

Vicky Shahrashian

I injured my back about a month ago working out. I tried stretching it out and saw a chiro which put my pain at ease for not even a day. I was in so much pain i couldn’t shower comfortably, I had trouble sleeping, I couldn’t even put on my jeans without having to stop because I was in so much pain. I finally went to see Alyssa and I explained what happen to my back and she knew exactly what I needed!

90min later I felt like a whole new person. I felt the energy going back into my legs and feet. I felt the opening of my upper body and hips. Which in turned let my lower back relieve itself of tension and bad stagnant energy. Today is day 3 and although I feel a pinch I’m able to wake up without a really stiff back, I don’t have to much trouble geTting my pants on :), and my mobility is 75% back to normal! I can’t wait for my next appt with Alyssa! Thank you so much!

Bea Cortez
Sierra Madre, CA

I can’t say enough good things about Alyssa. She is a truly GIFTED massage therapist. Her sessions are customized to fit your needs — I was involved in a serious car accident 7 months ago injuring my entire back, neck, right shoulder, and bilateral hips. Tears filled my eyes from all the pain I experienced when I first started going to Alyssa. Her knowledge of the anatomy and kinesiology made me feel safe during our healing massage sessions. Alyssa is extremely aware of the muscloskeletal system so it allows me to relax and trust her completely. She is a rare gem in this profession and I recommend it to anyone who suffers from any kind of body imbalance – from back pain to stress. Her schedule is flexible which is so great for me because of my long work hours. I could not imagine my life without her. My pain level has decreased dramatically and I feel more balanced overall – especially in the SI-joins (hip area). She is healing me from the inside out with her AMAZING INTUITIVE SENSE, myofascial release expertise, and her genuine spirit.


Alyssa is amazing, she helped me sooo with my back pain. i have had massage therapists do deep tissue work and it felt a little like torture, but i was really impressed with her. i left feeling really relaxed and in way less pain! my mom is a myofascial release massage therapist and it was just really obvious Alyssa had a lot of knowledge and experience. really professional and really nice.. you should definitely see her!

Sierra Madre, CA

Alyssa has a great touch and understanding of anatomy, which for me is a very important, sometimes overlooked quality in a massage therapist. Being a personal trainer, I appreciate the fact that she cares a great deal about addressing the targeted areas of the body found to have dysfunction through assessment and applies what she knows to assist in repair of any muscular and structural issues. She truly has a desire to help people live healthier and pain free lives!

Tommy Stewart, CPT

Alyssa has GOT IT! You know that magic you find in a body worker that instantly makes you feel taken care of and at ease? That’s Alyssa for sure! You can tell she has done the work, continues to do the work and what I love about her is that if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll say and then WILL go find out. She has a vast knowledge of connective tissue, muscle and anatomy in general so its a very healing massage as well as just feeling great! As a yoga teacher, a massage therapist is essential for me and for my hard practicing yogi’s as well. She has been injured herself and I know she can really understand where I’m at when those injuries come up for me from just living life! Integrity is key for me and Alyssa has that along with the dedication to really help people feel GOOD!
-Katrina Gurciullo, Yoga Teacher

Katrina Gurciullo

I have had many massages but have always been challenged with the right pressure or focus that is beneficial for me. I am extremely happy to have had the pleasure of receiving many wonderful massages and Myofascial work from Alyssa, my favorite massage therapist!
Alyssa has a refreshing enthusiasm that gives me confidence to feel relaxed & comfortable. During our sessions, she is attentive and sensitive towards my special needs. The atmosphere is peaceful with beautiful music and delightful scented oils. Her hands have a special touch that sooth and lighten the areas she is working on. She relieved a multitude of aches and pains. Most noticeable were my hips, where I have chronic pain, they were pain-free for several days after each session.
Alyssa also taught me some techniques to self massage. She suggested specific stretches & different positions for me while standing and sitting at my desk. I really appreciate this so that I can change some of the patterns that I have developed over time.
I have noticed a big difference in how I feel physically & emotionally. My massage experiences with Alyssa are dependably fantastic. She massages with devotion & integrity. I couldn’t be more proud.
Her mom, Darylanne Grassi

Darylanne Grassi
Princeville, HI

I went to school with Alyssa and can vouch that she is on her way to being everyone’s favorite massage therapist. Her touch, energy, and approach she brings to her work will put you in the trance we all crave for in a massage. She has done it to me, true story!

She knows what she is doing, and you know this the moment she puts her hands on you, so it is easy to trust that she will take care of your body. All in all, Alyssa’s massage is one I advice everyone, and I mean everyone, to try at least once in their lifetime. … this life……. and.. even maybe the next…………. and.. the one after that.. ok just call her already 😉

Omar Lopez

As a cancer survivor and a woman embracing how my body has changed as I age, I am subject to a lot of aches and pains. Arthritis in my neck and lower back is a particular problem. I need a massage therapist that is experienced with those kinds of health issues. Alyssa gave me a wonderful massage. She worked on my problem areas with a deep tissue massage and relieved a lot of pain and stiffness. She has great hands and a lovely personality, always making sure that I was comfortable and feeling good.

Her professional and caring attitude not only enhances the whole experience but also makes you eager to have another massage. I highly recommend her!

Sincerely, Miranda Moss

Miranda Moss

I have had MANY a massage in my life due to chronic neck and back pain and three bulging discs and Alyssa is by far the best massage I have ever had! Her ability to connect with the exact areas of my body that are in pain is unbelievable! The work she does on my face and neck (I think she calls it Myofacial or Myofasal….) is so wonderful! She’s worth every penny! Can’t wait to see her again!

Dena Kelley

Alyssa is fabulous! She has a quality of touch that I haven’t found with any other massage therapist, very gentle. Her confidence in her work was evident throughout the entire massage. She put me completely at ease, resulting in a very relaxing massage.


Since I starting seeing Alyssa for massage, I have been able to address things in my body that I was starting to accept as normal. Pain and discomfort is not normal! I’m learning to understand and feel what my body is trying to tell me. I never realized the amount of stress my body was enduring through my habitual bad posture and daily routines. Her knowledge and patience keeps me going back for more work and I love that each session is unique to what I need. I started receiving Myofascial Release and have noticed the difference in how my body moves. I recommend Alyssa to everyone that asks me about who I go to for massage. I am always looking forward to my next appointment!



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