Alyssa Grassi

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It is my mission to provide a comfortable atmosphere and safe place that allows each client to benefit from the work on a physiological level. Every session has very different applications and for every individual it has unique benefits. Through my practice, I promote overall wellness and engage fully in the art of healing and the educating of my clients.



As a cancer survivor and a woman embracing how my body has changed as I age, I am subject to a lot of aches and pains. Arthritis in my neck and lower back is a particular problem. I need a massage therapist that is experienced with those kinds of health issues. Alyssa gave me a wonderful massage. She worked on my problem areas with a deep tissue massage and relieved a lot of pain and stiffness. She has great hands and a lovely personality, always making sure that I was comfortable and feeling good. Her professional and caring attitude not […]

Miranda Moss

Alyssa is fabulous! She has a quality of touch that I haven’t found with any other massage therapist, very gentle. Her confidence in her work was evident throughout the entire massage. She put me completely at ease, resulting in a very relaxing massage.


Since I starting seeing Alyssa for massage, I have been able to address things in my body that I was starting to accept as normal. Pain and discomfort is not normal! I’m learning to understand and feel what my body is trying to tell me. I never realized the amount of stress my body was enduring through my habitual bad posture and daily routines. Her knowledge and patience keeps me going back for more work and I love that each session is unique to what I need. I started receiving Myofascial Release and have noticed the difference in how my […]


I injured my back about a month ago working out. I tried stretching it out and saw a chiro which put my pain at ease for not even a day. I was in so much pain i couldn’t shower comfortably, I had trouble sleeping, I couldn’t even put on my jeans without having to stop because I was in so much pain. I finally went to see Alyssa and I explained what happen to my back and she knew exactly what I needed! 90min later I felt like a whole new person. I felt the energy going back into my […]

Bea Cortez

I have had many massages but have always been challenged with the right pressure or focus that is beneficial for me. I am extremely happy to have had the pleasure of receiving many wonderful massages and Myofascial work from Alyssa, my favorite massage therapist! Alyssa has a refreshing enthusiasm that gives me confidence to feel relaxed & comfortable. During our sessions, she is attentive and sensitive towards my special needs. The atmosphere is peaceful with beautiful music and delightful scented oils. Her hands have a special touch that sooth and lighten the areas she is working on. She relieved a […]

Darylanne Grassi


My message to you...

With respect & regard for people who live in pain, I want to help. The isolation of chronic pain is debilitating unless you make the effort to change. I don't know what you have been through but I will provide a safe place for you to feel it and engage in the healing process.

Massage therapy reduces tension and stress and can relieve pain. It is a great complement to physical therapy, chiropractic, and other bodywork to assist you in healing.